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Bone Dust White Ale 5.0 ABV / 25 IBU
North American style white ale brewed with coriander, white pepper and bitter orange peel; a perfect summer thirst quencher served with an orange round garnish.

Mad Mile Cream Ale 5.2 ABV / 20 IBU
Named for our famous stretch of whitewater on the nearby Gallatin River; this crisp, clean ale is infused with fresh cucumber and honeydew.

Lee Metcalf Pale Ale  5.4 ABV / 41 IBU
A hoppy, medium-bodied pale ale originally brewed to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area. Orange in color, balanced and hopped exclusively with Citra hops. This beer is extremely refreshing.

Vigilante IPA 6.7 ABV / 55 IBU
A beautiful marmalade color with concentrated citrus, pine, and malt aromas that lead into a beer with a rich mouth feel that still finishes clean with a slight malt crispness.

Citrasaurus IPA 7.0 ABV /  70 IBU
Unfiltered winter IPA infused with fresh ruby red grapefruit and cold dry-hopped for a distinct citrus aroma.

Antilogy Black IPA 7.7 ABV / 65 IBU
Try the dark side of hoppy; this beer has a big malt backbone and an intense herb and citrus aroma from generous dry hopping.


PBR  16oz                                          4

Montucky 16oz                                   4

Miller High Life 12oz                        4

Coors Lite 12oz                                   4

Coors Banquet 12oz                        5

Modelo Especial 12oz                      5 

White Claw  12oz                            5

Cold Smoke Scotch Ale 16oz         6

Western Cider  12oz                         7

Shacksbury Cider 12oz                       8

Beringia Arctic Pilsner 16oz            8

Breakside Wanderlust IPA 16oz      8

Pink Slip Sour Ale 16oz                    8

Lychee Kozo Seltzer 16oz               8

White Noise Wheat Beer 16oz         8