Molly Hannan

Molly is the communications and tech guru at Last Best Comedy as well as a performer, teacher, and doer of all things needed with a Comedy Club. 

Before starting Last Best Comedy, Molly worked for 6 years on the board of Verge Theater, two of those years were as the Chair of the Board and four were managing the theater. In addition to managing and working behind the scenes at Verge Theater she was also an improv performer and teacher. After helping the theater hire it’s first Executive Director in a decade, Molly chose to focus her energy on building a community around and a space dedicated to comedy and open a business of her own with Annie and Levin. 

Molly is a Physical Therapist by training and when she’s not making people laugh on stage she is raising three kids with her husband Erich. She enjoys running, hiking, and lunch. If there are ever any general questions about LBC, Molly is your gal, she is the central organizer of things around here and loves to talk shop. You can reach her at