Bennett Drozic

In 1995, after living in Big Sky for 3 years, Bennett read a story in the Chronicle about a Bozeman Theatre Company that was performing their own plays. He thought to himself that watching even locally written plays had to be better than listening to stoners tell ONE MORE story about their skiing/snowboarding prowess. He hitchhiked to Bozeman, found the two people performing original work, and was immediately transported back to his college days when having access to awesome productions of interesting theatre was so delightful.

Soon the theatre company started offering classes in acting and improv, and Bennett ate deep of the meals the theatre offered. As calculated by the date at the beginning of the above paragraph, that was a long time ago. Since then Bennett has taken more classes and workshops from wonderful local, national, and international teachers, taught improv classes at Equinox Theatre and Verge Theatre, disrupted a bar fight, taken a week long motorcycle safety class, stared deeply in the mystery of a saltwater fish tank, become a drone pilot, stood by proudly as a good friend learned Tibetan, and is teaching himself guitar.

A life-long learner, sharer, and fun-haver, Bennett believes that the more people who find improv, the more the Universe tilts away from darkness.