Andy Weas

Andy Weas. The Man, the Myth, the Enormous Dork.

Professionally, Andy is a "Tech Consultant" and swears it's a real thing. He spends his time helping small businesses work smarter rather than harder and simplifying technology for folks who would rather be doing what they're good at. AKA he's a nerd who likes to help make other peoples' lives easier.

Personally, he lives to learn and do the things he loves: improvising, bc snowboarding, playing video games, building things, hanging with his wife and dressing like an unsponsored skateboarder.

Andy started improvising in 2018, joined Last Best Comedy in 2019, and has become a staple as a member of our house team, Whiz Bang and Notorious BOZ cast, a show producer and now a teacher! We are excited to have cool guy Andy a part of our faculty!