Notorious BOZ
A Long Form Improv Show

Notorious BOZ is a long-form improv show that celebrates the city of Bozeman, its history and its incredible citizens.

Every show will feature a guest "Armando" or monologist who will share stories from their life. The cast will then use those stories as inspiration to create characters and scenes and bring it all together in a completely hilarious whole.

Tonight's Monologist is Epic Rap Battles of History's Epic Lloyd!

Lloyd Ahlquist aka, EpicLLOYD, is a two-time Emmy Nominated comedian, actor and emcee and the co-creator of the seminal YouTube series, the Epic Rap Battles of History.  His talents as an improv and stand-up comedian have brought him to thousands of stages all across the country, and his online videos have earned him over 3 billion views, 14 million subscribers, and 12 gold records.   In addition to performing,  Lloyd is also an owner of The Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica, CA which hosts and nurtures some of the best comedic talents in the world.  Lloyd got his start in comedy by creating and performing in the Mission IMPROVable National touring company, a traveling improv comedy group that helped lay the foundation for professional improv groups across the countries and which is still growing and thriving to this day.

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321 E Main, Alley Entrance
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10:00 pm
Last Best Comedy