Notorious BOZ

Notorious BOZ is a long-form improv show that celebrates the city of Bozeman, its history and its incredible citizens. Every show will feature a guest "Armando" or monologist who will share stories from their life. The cast will then use those stories as inspiration to create characters and scenes and bring it all together in a completely hilarious and improvised show!

This week's Armando is Kent Davis.

Kent Davis was found under a patch of tufted hairgrass up Sypes Canyon sometime around 1997. He has been telling stories all over Gallatin Country ever since. He writes books featuring brave girls, fake pirates, and ferocious gearbeasts. Theater, film, and tv appearances as a short, bald man include a myriad of concerned friends, overbearing flunkies, and cute yet faintly creepy next-door neighbors. He teaches in the Honors College at Montana State University. He lives in a little gray house down the way with his brilliant partner, a dog in a cat suit, and a cat in a dog suit.

Tickets are $15 / No Drink Minimum

We have a 9pm Whiz Bang show, and if it is not Sold Out, you will be able to buy a $5 add on ticket AT THE DOOR when you come to the 7pm show to make a full night of comedy!

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321 E Main, Alley Entrance
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7:00 pm
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