Fast & Loose Wednesday: Giggles on the Gallatin

It's a night for experiments, risks, and creative swings. We are playing fast and loose with the rules.

Stay After the stand-up show for Giggles on the Gallatin, an open mic hosted by Owen Gifford! It is meant for local and traveling comics to test out new and old material in front of a late night crowd. Come down for a drink and a laugh, or two, or more!The open mic will begin around 9:30pm following LBC’s ticketed scheduled programming, which begins at 8pm.

Giggles in the Gallatin is free entry beginning at 9:30pm.

• Sign ups will be available in person at LBC starting at 9pm.

• There will be four 4 minute open mic slots for beginner to advanced comics.

• There will be four 8-10 minute open mic slots for intermediate to advanced comics (please don’t sign up for an 8 minute slot if you don’t have 8 minutes).

• After the sign up slots are filled, there will be a bump list.

If you have any questions surrounding the open mic, please DM Owen Gifford on instagram at


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